The Mining Law Review 2015

Anderson & Anderson LLP has contributed to The Mining Law Review, edition 4, with Chapter 27 , authored by Senior Counsel, David C. Buxbaum, the article considers the current state of Mongolia's mining capital market, with a look at changing legislation, the governing legal framework, tax considerations, and recent developments in the country's mining sector. The fourth edition of The Mining Law Review was recently published and it will be distributed and promoted at the IBA Biennial Conference of the Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law 2016 in New York, USA on 17 – 20 April 2016, and the IBA Annual Conference in Washington DC, USA on 18 – 23 September 2016, as well as at many other relevant IBA, ABA and our in-house conferences and events throughout the course of its publication.  This is Anderson & Anderson LLP's third contribution to The Mining Law Review. Former Associate, Sara K. Phillipsl and Senior Counsel, David C. Buxbaum previously contributed to edition 2, which was published in November 2013.


To download an eBook or PDF version of the entire Mining Law Review, please click here.




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